Jack West MacMurray III—Chef Jack Mac—is a four-star general in the battle for great taste. In his career, he has been the demanding and inspiring leader brought in to redefine the offerings at many notable restaurants. He has fired dishes for celebs and statesmen—including a US President—and curled many a toe in Saint Louis’ most renowned locations like Annie Gunn’s, Sage Urban American Grill, Joe Buck’s, Chandler Hill, and now at Old Hickory Golf Club.

When the crowds are fed, Jack Mac dons his superhero cape and transforms into a competitive cook in the world of food sport. He is thrilled by the competition. His titles include the Mardi Gras Cajun Cook-off Champion, 2010 Taste of St. Louis Battle Royale Champion, and most recently the 2021 World Food Championships Bacon World Champ. He finished second in the world in the spring of 2022 and he shows no signs of slowing down.  

The life of a chef can be frenzied so Jack Mac burns off the stress as an avid outdoorsman would, fishing, hunting, and skiing. He also finds peace and focuses on his beehives, enjoying and fostering the little communities that never stop working to produce something wonderful that we all can enjoy.

Jack Mac is passionate about cooking and even more so about helping others accomplish great things in their kitchens at home. He has spent years perfecting some of his rubs and spice blends to make them as easy to use as a shake of the wrist. His honey and sauces are simply magic. And his signature product, Rachel’s Rub is a multi-award winner named for the love of his life, his wife Rachel. Look for his cookbook based on his experiences with the World Food Championships in the Spring of 2023.

Jack is a charismatic chef who starts every shift with a team huddle and a reminder to all that we should be grateful for another day on this planet, another opportunity to make people happy, and of course, for what we eat every day. His leadership has inspired and shaped many of the careers of those who have worked with him and makes his products a step above the rest.